Shh. . .It’s a secret.

A secret? Well, sort of, but now that I have your attention, I want you to keep reading so you can learn all about this cool place in Woodstock called Grace Farm Studios (I’ll tell you all about the studio part at the end).  Don’t worry, if you like what you read and decide to take a trip out there, it’s an easy drive!

So we were on the hunt for strawberries, and once again, we made it out there at the VERY end of the season so that pickings were less than ideal.  We were able to get some strawberries, but we decided to try out a different farm.  And it’s this farm that I’m going to tell you all about because it’s special.  Really special.  You see, Farmer Mike and Farmer Ann don’t do all that social media stuff.  But don’t you worry; everyone is welcome.  These are the sweetest farmers you’ll ever meet.  This couple used to live in the city until they traded it all in to live out in the country, and “they’ve never looked back.”

This place is special for multiple reasons.  First, it’s not crowded because they really don’t advertise.  Secondly, Ann and Mike come out and chat with you, give you a tour, and teach you all about the things you are about to pick.  The farm is only about three or four acres and offers two different types of red raspberries, black raspberries (not to be confused with blackberries), asparagus and red currants.  Farmer Ann will even pop your pickings in the fridge to cool while you go on to pick your next selection.  This lovely couple even allowed the kids to feed their Icelandic sheep.  The kids loved it!  We were even told that we were welcome to come and picnic there before picking next time.  They have a very clean porta potty right by the patches.  As for the “studio” part of Grace Farm Studios. . .  Well, Farmer Ann weaves the wool from her sheep into yarn in her very own studio.  Pretty cool, huh?  She offered to show us the inside of her studio (red barn with quilt design on the side of the building), but I ran out of energy with my little guy running off and climbing everything he could get his hands on.  That’s okay.  There’s always next time!  By the way, the raspberries are plentiful and available for picking into November!

Strawberry Picking 14

Strawberry Picking 15

Strawberry Picking 16

Strawberry Picking 13

Strawberry Picking 9

Strawberry Picking 11

Strawberry Picking 12Strawberry Picking 7

Strawberry Picking 5

Strawberry Picking 10

Strawberry Picking 6

Strawberry Picking 4

Strawberry Picking 3Strawberry Picking 2Strawberry Picking 1

Strawberry Picking 8

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