My Favorite Things

Sunshine, sand, clear waters and wildflowers are some of my favorite things.  Add photographing a cute little one-year-old like Henry here and I really can’t ask for more.  Originally, I shot Henry in May, when he turned one.  Unfortunately, at the time, Henry wasn’t feeling his typical smiley self.  We were really having to pull out all the stops to get Henry to smile; the whole session didn’t “feel right.”  Everything seemed to feel forced, and that just isn’t my style.  The following day I got a text from mom saying she knew something was up; the little guy had a 104 degree fever.  Oh no!  I knew a “redo” was in order!  Henry was his delightful self the second time around. 🙂

Henry 1 Year 7

Henry 1 Year 18

Henry 1 Year 17Henry 1 Year 11

Henry 1 Year 10Henry 1 Year 19Henry 1 Year 20Henry 1 Year 21

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