She said yes on September 4, 2015!

When my teammate told me he was going to propose to his girlfriend and that he wanted me to photograph it, I was so excited!  His girlfriend, also a teacher, is pretty organized.  Ryan knew it was going to take some strategic planning to pull off a surprise proposal.  So here was the plan:  Ryan told Amy to meet him for dinner at Emmett’s in downtown, Dundee Friday evening. . .

Ryan and Amy 17

He got there early, gave the hostess a card to give to Amy when she arrived at the restaurant, and picked up two dozen roses.

Ryan and Amy 15

He set things up at the place where they had their first kiss.

Ryan and Amy 14

Ryan being Ryan while I was setting up my camera. 🙂

Ryan and Amy 13

The wait began.  Amy called saying she was running about 15 minutes late.  It was hot out!  I don’t know how he survived wearing that suit the whole time.  At one point an elderly couple strolled by, chatted with him and sat on the nearby benches.  I was hiding across the street in the parking lot of the Dundee convenience store and wasn’t sure if I should step in and get them out of there.  Finally, they got up and strolled off.  Whew!

Ryan and Amy 1

Here she is walking into Emmett’s completely unsuspecting.  I had never met Amy before, but I had a hunch this might have been her.  Sure enough she came back out of Emmett’s with the card in her hand.  The message in the card directed her to walk to the area where they had their first kiss.

Ryan and Amy 12

Ryan and Amy 4

I felt like such a stalker. 🙂

Ryan and Amy 11

Ryan showed Amy the receipt for the sidewalk brick he ordered that will have “Ryan and Amy Ehmen” etched on it.  Unfortunately, it couldn’t be made in time for the proposal.  I’m not sure what happened at this point because she looked like she might be a little confused about what he was suggesting. 🙂  But then he got down on one knee. . .

Ryan and Amy 10

and she looked pretty excited. . .

Ryan and Amy 9

 Ryan popped the question. . .

Ryan and Amy 7

and they sealed the deal with a kiss!

Ryan and Amy 5

But that’s not all!  Ryan had one more thing he had to do.

Ryan and Amy 6

Being true “Bachelor” fans, he had to ask her if she’d accept his rose. . .

Ryan and Amy 8

which she did.  And they lived happily ever after!  🙂 <3

Ryan and Amy 16

I almost forgot!  Remember that couple I was telling you about?  Well, they came back to congratulate the newly engaged couple!  Yeah, that’s right.  I’m taking your picture.  What did you expect!? You made yourself part of the story, and I could’t just leave you out!

Congratulations Ryan and Amy!

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