Mom 0–Dad 3

In this case, scoring a zero is a good thing.  Dad was peed on three times during this session.  Poor guy!  This was my first newborn session with multiples and I was slightly anxious, but super excited for the challenge.  I did my research, asked for advice through my online newborn photography group, created a flow chart of poses that inspired me, and enlisted help from assistant, Christine Korbel (a.k.a my bestie from college).  With the help of my friend and the babies’ mama, I think we were able to safely capture some great images of these little guys.  It was very special to get to meet these little men and see first-time parents Kallin and Matt in action.  I already know they are great parents, and I don’t just say that to be nice.  It’s true.  They were calm, patient and worked very nicely as a team.  If you didn’t know any better, you would have thought they had been doing this for a long time!  Congratulations on your beautiful baby boys!  It was an honor to photograph them! 

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