Beautiful Couple Equals Beautiful Baby

Its no secret that genetics is definitely on the side of this baby.  Whether she’ll be musically talented, intelligent or both, one thing is for sure, she will be beautiful!  I had a wonderful afternoon getting to know this couple, and I look forward to meeting their little girl.  (P.S. She’s due any day now.  Don’t we all wish we could look this good in our final stages of pregnancy!!)



W Roy Maternity 2

W Roy Maternity 3

W Roy Maternity 5

W Roy Maternity 8

W Roy Maternity 4

W Roy Maternity 6

W Roy Maternity 7

W Roy Maternity 10

W Roy Maternity 11

W Roy Maternity 13

For these shots, Mona had asked me if she could spin around.  I kind of looked at her blankly.  Was she serious?  I asked her, “Are you kidding?”  She was like, “No, I want to spin around.”  Okay, “Go for it!”  I said.  We all had a good laugh.  Its good to see she’s resting up before the birth of her baby! lol 😉

W Roy Maternity 9

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