I’m Aging Dog Years Here People!

It’s true.  I’m terrible at deleting texts and emails.  At one point, my inbox was so full, Yahoo just started counting over.  As I was going through my text messages and finally deleting the old, I came across a series of texts from my brother in law, Andy.  He and his wife, Christina, were thrown a major curveball, which resulted in my nephew being born three months early.  One of the last texts we received from Andy was when it was confirmed that the baby was coming, like it or not, before heading into the delivery room.  He wrote, “I’m aging dog years here people!”   Despite all the craziness and being in another state, we were kept up to date every step of the way.  It was exciting and terrifying at the same time!  In the end, we got the call that David was born, weighing in just under 3 pounds and breathing on his own.  We knew he was a strong little guy, and he continues to grow and flourish beyond expectations.  He’s huge!

Davy 10 mo 8

Davy 10 mo 9

Davy 10 mo 7

Davy 10 Mo 1

Davy 10 mo 6

Davy 10 mo 11

Davy 10 mo 10

Davy 10 mo 5

Davy 10 mo 3

Davy 10 mo 4

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