Happy 1st Birthday Quinn!

I love squishy little ones, and Quinn here is no exception!  There are times in your first year of parenting when time could not go any slower. . .sleepless nights. . .changing what feels like a million diapers. . .dealing with teething (aka the work of the devil). . .figuring them out, only to have them change two weeks later. . .the list goes on and on.  Then, there are those times when your baby smiles at you, coos, reaches a new milestone and gives you a big squeeze.  You know, those moments that make all of the crazy times worth while?  Before you know it, they’re turning one, walking, eating cake and getting into everything, and you think, where did all of the time go?!  It’s true, time is in constant motion and you have to appreciate every moment, both good and bad.  Happy 1st birthday Quinn!  It was an honor getting to photograph this big milestone!

Quinn 1 Year 276

Quinn 1 Year 277

Quinn 1 Year 274

Quinn 1 Year 1

Quinn 1 Year 270

Z Quinn 1 Year 286Quinn 1 Year 292

Quinn 1 Year 21

Quinn 1 Year 280

Quinn 1 Year 27

Quinn 1 Year 275

Quinn 1 Year 20

Quinn 1 Year 278-Recovered

Quinn 1 Year 23

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