Carly’s 1st Cake Smash

When I first met this little one with the bright blue eyes, she was quite shy.  It was really hard for me, but I knew it would be best if hung back a little and let her “warm up” to my studio.  I knew being excited and loud would not only probably scare her, but it could possibly foil the whole shoot.  After settling in a bit, Miss Carly was ready to get down to business.  Like so many little ones I’ve photographed doing a cake smash, she really wasn’t sure what to make of this pretty, little, round taste of heaven.  Really, Mariano’s makes delicious little cakes!  She was very dainty in her approach to tasting this new food.  First, she “pet” the cake and smoothed out the frosting.  Then, she decided to take “the plunge” and sample a little.  Mmmm, not bad!  I know I’m a day early, but I want to have your pictures finished and delivered for your birthday.  Happy 1st birthday little one!

Carly Storyboard 8x10

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