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“The only people who truly know your story, are the ones who help you write it.”  –Unknown

I don’t want to get all sappy publicly, so I’ll keep things short and simple.  This family has been through so much change in the last year, all for the better.  In less than a year they’ve gotten married, had a baby and moved into a new home.  I once heard that those are three of life’s greatest stressors.  Now that things are settled and your beautiful family is all in one place, the rest should be smooth sailing.  All you have to “worry” about now is writing your story, and I know it will be one of happiness and love.  Congratulations guys!

Much love -Shannon

Wyatt Newborn 19 best

Z Wyatt Newborn 13

Wyatt Newborn 9

Wyatt Newborn 25

Wyatt Newborn 28

Wyatt Newborn 10.5

Z Wyatt Newborn 11

animal with orange

Z Wyatt Newborn 16

Wyatt Newborn 18

Z Wyatt Newborn 26

Wyatt Newborn 2

Z Wyatt Newborn 14

Wyatt Newborn 4

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