Hello!  My name is Shannon and I would love to be your family’s photographer.  These days I wear many different hats.  I am a wife, mother of three kiddos, 7th grade teacher, mentor and photographer.  At times it can be overwhelming to juggle so much and do it well, but I wouldn’t want my life any other way!  I guess you could say I’m one of those people who likes to keep busy and who needs a creative outlet.  I grew up in Hawthorn Woods, a small town nestled just north of Long Grove.  I loved growing up in an area that was woodsy and free from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  My three younger siblings and I loved the outdoors and fishing and swimming in the lake in our backyard.  My hope is to provide the same experience for my children by raising them in the small town of Gilberts near the beautiful Burnidge Forest Preserve.

My background is in art therapy, fine arts and psychology.  I received most of my education in art therapy and fine arts at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio.  During that time, I had a large oil painting and sculpture accepted into and exhibited in the Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery.  After graduation, I worked in social services for five years.  I then returned to school to become a teacher. I’ve been teaching for 17 years now, and my love and passion for the arts and working with youth runs deep.

I often read that it is important in photography to be consistent.  I agree, to an extent. While my images are consistent within a gallery of a session, they may not be consistent from one session to another.  There is a reason for this and method to my art.  When I enter a session, there are many variables I immediately must “size up.” I observe the location, its visual elements, the lighting and most importantly, my subjects.  My goal is not to create images that are true to me, but more to create images that are true to you, your family and the heart of the session.  Each session takes on a mood and feeling of its own and that’s what I want reflected in your gallery.  In the end, that is what I want to you to remember: you and your family.

When you have a session with me, it is always my hope that my down-to-earth and laid-back approach to working with people comes through.  After all, parents are stressed enough getting their kids looking picture perfect and to the location at a set time!  I know what wildcards children can be!  However, don’t ever confuse my laid-back approach to photographing a session with how I run my business.  I am certified “type A” in this department. lol It is important to me to deliver beautiful images in the time promised and to make lasting relationships with happy clients!

I hope to meet you soon!


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